Enlarge image without loss of quality

Your image becomes pixelated when magnifying. How can you enlarge an image without loss of quality? In this article you can read the answer.

Best way

The best way to enlarge your image without losing sharpness is to convert it to a vector file.

Enlarge image in Illustrator

To enlarge your image it is best to use Adobe Illustrator. Buy the program and open the image. Pull the image by hand. This means that you trace every shape in the image and fill it with a color. Watch the animation below for a simple explanation.

In deze animatie is te zien hoe een afbeelding vergroot wordt in Illustrator zonder kwaliteitsverlies.


  • The result is excellent (we also use Illustrator).
  • You can adjust the image.
  • You can save the image in the three most common vector file formats: AI, EPS and PDF.


  • It takes (a lot of) time to draw an image.
  • You first have to learn to work with Illustrator.
  • Adobe Illustrator costs money.

Enlarging an image without loss of quality

Don’t have time to enlarge your own image without losing focus? Then have a specialist, such as ViaVector, do it for you. We have a fixed price for logos. Look here for more information. Would you like to enlarge a different type of image? Ask for a free offer using the contact form below.

Enlarge image in Photoshop

Enlarging an image in Photoshop without loss of quality is not possible. For this you really need Adobe Illustrator. This is because Photoshop is a pixel based program. Illustrator is a vector based program.

Enlarge image in Paint

In Paint you cannot enlarge images without loss of quality.

Enlarge image in Word

Even in Word you can’t enlarge images without losing quality.

Enlarge image in Indesign

Indesign is a vector based program. Just like Illustrator. So you can enlarge images without loss of quality. You still have to cover the image manually (just like in Illustrator).

Enlarge image in Gimp

This is vector based software. It allows you to enlarge images without loss of quality.

Enlarge image in Powerpoint

Enlarging an image in Powerpoint does not work without loss of quality.

Free offer

For logos we have a fixed price. Click here for more info.

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