What are font outlines?

Letter outlines (also called outlines) are graphic texts that are disconnected from the font file. They are made up of vectors. These are shapes, such as lines and waves, made up of clever mathematical formulas.

Why font outlines?

To explain this, it is important to know a little more about fonts.

Not every computer has the same fonts on it. If you send printed matter with a certain font from computer A to computer B, computer B may not have the font on its hard disk. Then computer B automatically changes the font to a random font. This causes the text of your printed matter to look different. Of course you don’t want that.










By converting the text to outlines, the text is read as a vector image. This means that the text will not change when it is sent to another computer.










Note: if the text is converted to outlines you can no longer edit the words. Do you want to do this anyway? Then use the shortcut key ctrl + z or type the text again and convert it to outlines.

How to convert texts to font outlines?

This can be done with various programs. Below is an overview with instructional videos.

Converting text to outlines in Illustrator

Converting text to letter outlines in InDesign

Convert text to outlines in CorelDraw

Need help?

Every day we help clients convert texts to letter outlines. Often the text is part of a logo. For converting a logo we work with fixed prices.

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